Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Politics of High Summer--And Why You'd BETTER Care!

On our last show, we reviewed the last week's Primary action, which represented the largest number of Primary elections remaining until November. The week began on Tuesday, stretched to Thursday, and came home on Saturday.

Today, Primary elections are contained in this 24 hours for the week. We'll do a review of these activities, focusing on the upper Midwestern US with some hum-dinger, doozy of some races in, among other places, Minnesota.

We hope you will join us this  coming Sunday, beginning at 2PM (Central Time) for a full review of some Hi Summer Politics, and the Hy-jinks and hilarity that go with them.

We will also cover the leading news of the day, and offer our respect, gratitude and thanks to one of the most amazing comedic minds of this, or any other time: Robin Williams.

Sometimes, things just happen at the speed of life.

Sometimes, there's no way to get out of the fast lane in time to avoid a collision. Sometimes, life wins. Sometimes, it doesn't.

We're on the air!

We'll see YOU there!