Hello, and welcome to my personal blog. I am glad you are here.

The title of the blog is "The Progressive Voice". That does not mean that my voice is, in any way "THE" official voice of Progressive politics in America, or any part thereof. It is my Progressive Voice, and I alone am entirely responsible for it's content. 

I am also a co-founder of a grassroots movement which is called "The Progressive Voice" (among other titles). A lot of the action, and interaction here will be shared with fellow citizens who are working to project the Progressive voice into their local, state, national and even international political lives. You will most likely know them when you see them. If you have questions, comments, reactions, or wish to participate in this activity, just leave me a comment or send me an email. It isn't difficult, doesn't take much time or ANY money. 

With your help, however, this blog and the personal opinions it will represent will grow. I would love it if this space became "THE" Progressive Voice in America. It would really be great for all of America's citizens to be singing from the same page. But, would that by definition kill progressive thought? I think not. Others may disagree. Let's see, shall we?

I look forward to learning, growing and sharing with you here. Let's purposely begin some serious discourse, shall we? 

What are YOU going to do about it? 

Moving Forward,

Bud Fields
"The Tennessee Progressive"