Saturday, May 28, 2016

Medical Issues Require Cancellation of Episode for Sunday, May 29, 2016

Due to circumstances beyond my control, this week's episode must be cancelled. My apologies to all the fans and followers of the show. I'm fine, just looking to have some surgery on Monday that requires me to be in the hospital a day before. Next week's episode is "iffy" (giving myself an out for recovery, etc.) but I do plan on the following week being back "in the saddle". Surgery in on my neck, and could affect my ability to speak for a bit. How's that for shutting down the voice of the people, I ask ya!

The DNC (as opposed to the Libertarians, or the RNC) is truly making a mess of it, pure and simple. In my personal opinion, having hitched their collective wagon to HRC was then, is now, and will forever be known as "the mistake". They can avoid complete catastrophe by endorsing and giving their all-out support to Bernie Sanders. Will they? Or will they refuse to accept their responsibilities and continue to argue that they are not somehow directly responsible for what would necessarily ensue? Can Sanders somehow elevate his game to the required level?

Why does it seem to be the case that nobody is more enthusiastically supportive of the Republican nominee at this moment that the DNC?

Many voters are making statements about leaving the party after this election, regardless of the outcome. How do you change a system from outside that system? We need, desperately, those who are so outraged as to make such a proclamation to remain IN the party and change it from the inside. It is, after all, truly the lesser of two evils.

I am unwilling to accept the proposition that Donald Trump could ever be the President of the United States. Is this what we have come to? If so, we are headed for some very sad, strange, tragic times as a nation. Please, I beg you citizen. STAND UP! SPEAK OUT! VOTE!

I am,

The Tennessee Progressive