Sunday, April 27, 2014

Every Opinion Matters

A lot of my life is spent soliciting opinions from others. For about 9 hours every week on internet radio, in my writing, and in my daily living. 

I am passionate in my desire to understand things of this world from the personal perspective--of others. My wish is to create a space where others can offer, discuss, present, or debate their personal opinions and professional representations of those opinions with others.  Sometimes my own opinions are affected, one way or the other, by the opinions of others, and especially those opinions of others I consider to be thought-leaders in one space or another.

This blog is specifically designed to be dedicated to my opinions. Many people ask me what I think, or what I am going to do about those things that I care so much about. My opinions are informed (as I would hope yours would be, too!) from many sources, and from many different perspectives. Here, I hope to see how my opinions remain, or change over time. 

The one (and only) thing which finally matters to me is my opinion--as citizen. I hope that mine will be a well-informed and reasonable presentation of what I believe to be true. I cannot help being born where I was, or where I now live, or my background in (primarily, but not always) Democratic Party ideology. It fits more closely with my world view. 

Having made that clarification, I am a Progressive. I am a writer at The Daily Kos, The Nation Magazine, and other outlets for my thoughts. I am a member and radio show host for The Coffee Party USA. I am actively engaged in the political process. I am a reasonably intelligent American Citizen. 

I broke with political dogma a very long time ago. It was, in large part, due to the times I was living in at the time. People want to know my opinions on things. Here's the most basic opinion I hold.
(See post below). 

I hope you will read, and interact with this blog. I ask that you observe my two, universal rules:

1. Play nice.

Remember that this is my space, not yours. It's the home for my thoughts, views and opinions. It's like being a visitor to my house. Be respectful, honest, and available for discussion. Don't drop a load on my living room floor. My ban hammer is always at the ready, and immediately used when I deem it necessary. It's not your beliefs or opinions that will ever feel the crushing blows, it is your demeanor. 

2. Come Prepared.

Your opinion will be respected here, so long as it is identified as such. If you wish to discuss, debate, refute or agree as fact one thing or another, be ready to defend it. I will be.

Welcome to my blog.