Sunday, January 18, 2015

PPTS January 18, 2015: Living In Lester Land: Why It Matters

January 18, 2015

On today's show, we begin a four part examination of "Life In Lester Land", a theme made famous by Harvard Law Professor and political activist Lawrence Lessig in his newest social activist engagement:

As our future is in large part determined by Lessig's talk, I highly encourage you to watch, take notes, and create a dialog with yourself about what you think of this talk. We'll hopefully talk about that over the next four weeks. Today's show (shortened due to some rather severe technical issues we did not create) is available via podcast at the show site, and via Pod-O-Matic on the lower right hand side of this page.

We also discussed the upcoming State of the Union address on Tuesday evening (9 PM Eastern time) by President Obama. I asked you what you would have the President say to you during this Address, and told you that you have an opportunity to inform the President, through Tuesday afternoon, of your desires by going to the SOTU site and letting him know. Here are a couple of highlights:

Given the dire situation Lessig describes, and the forward-looking President and his optimistiv view of the things progressives have done over the past few years, I believe there is sufficient room for thinking about both positions.

One reason I think this is because I believe both citizens to be correct in their thinking and evaluation of our nation as it currently exists. How can sometimes diametrically opposing views both be correct?

Watch, and consider. Then, let's talk about it.


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