Friday, June 24, 2016

Vote LEAVE wins! Labor Wins The Mandate! What Does THAT Mean?

Leave has won the UK Referendum!

What does that even mean?

We'll be talking about this amazing result, what it means for the UK, and what it could mean for the USA, and her relationship with the UK countries--and with the EU.  It's a really BIG deal, and you should be getting as much information, from as many sources as you possibly can. Yes, that's just how important this referendum vote actually was.

This is not merely a "big" deal. Forget that. This is a massive, earthquake-like hubungous, ginormous deal for every citizen of the world.; beginning with the British citizen, through the citizens of the UK and the UK  Commonwealth states, to the ends of every single trade policy, defense agreement and/or manufacturing grid conversation. These and other entities are going to define, for the first time in our history, a brand new nation that enters the stage with the world's fifth largest economy.

Factories, groceries, petrol stations...anywhere you might choose to part with a fiver...they are all involved--if in fact the mechanism required to start the process does actually get activated. Meanwhile, the British Pound is taking a beating on the stock exchange (a temporary situation, I submit), the British Prime Minister has announced his intention to resign, a lack of confidence vote is issued against the Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn (not much of a story, and absolutely no surprise as the Parliamentary Labour Party have had Mr. Corbyn in their assault rifle-like sites since his ascension to the Labor Leadership), and Nicola Sturgeon gets what she wanted when she began her "affiliation" with the Stay In campaign--sufficient 'material difference' to initiate a second referendum on being an independent nation (Ireland also looking as we speak).

This short and incomplete list indicates something that a lot of people never understood about this referendum: enemies have targets. Margaret Hodge and her co-conspirator Ann Coffee, leaders of the Parliamentary Labour Party showing that the PLP have no intention in the future, as they have shown in the past, to accept Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party. Turncoats.

The Prime Minister who, on one day says he will accept the decision of the citizens of the UK and guide her through the process, should the UK decide to leave, has resigned. Both for the Conservative and Labour leadership, vacuums erupt, while Scotland's First Minister waits minutes to announce her intent to call for a second independence referendum.

It does surely seem as if personal agendas are rife this morning. Yet, I have yet (12+ hours after the final results announced) to hear one person speaking either to, or for the citizens of the UK.

The complete public revelation to those citizens of the absolute corruption of their government leadership is not only arrogant, but the most active activity in the country. Disgusting.

I remain,

The Tennessee Progressive