Monday, April 10, 2017

PPTS For Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Progressive Activism in a Hostile Land-2017

What Are YOU going to do about it?

After taking a necessary hiatus from the show, we are back with our questions, your questions, and maybe a few questions neither we nor you have even considered...yet. 

We have seen citizen activism across America, and across the world of late. while some in the new "administration" have denounced such activism with dread pronouncements against citizen activists in ways I find mostly hilarious, the truth is that citizen activism has been spotted in small and large "hot zones" recently. We, and the show strongly support, endorse and encourage such behavior. (What Healthcare plan, Mr. Trump?)

It is imperative that citizen understands, appreciates--and has the tools to exploit--this new and mostly foreign landscape before us in America. In 2017, everything about our country seems to be changing. For many citizens, this is NOT a good thing. It is happening at lightening speed for most citizens as if war were being declared upon democracy itself. Lightening War? Where have I heard that before? Does it matter?

Well to me it matters a great deal. I want to believe that, for the listeners of our show and followers of this irregular blog, it matters a great deal as well. I know that some listeners and followers of this blog will agree with many of the changes we are seeing, while others will strongly disagree with them. That is just terrific: it means we can have a show of not only substance, but merit and value and worth. 

This Easter Sunday, sometimes known as "Resurrection Sunday" to many faithful followers of Christianity (and other religions), seems like (while perhaps a terrible inconvenience) the perfect time to have this dialogue. 

We want you to join us during the inaugural show of the new season. You can join us in our always lively chat room, or you can even call in to the show, share your views, highlight topics of interest to you, or listen to the archived show later. But I do encourage you, as Citizen, to engage with us this Sunday, beginning at 2:00 PM Central time. To reach the show, just click on the link in the show episode's title. You will find instructions at the episode page to connect with us via phone, or by joining our chat room.

The mantra is the same, as it has always been. It is our vision, mission and purpose:

"So, what are YOU going to do about it?"

Our rules haven't changed, and are only two:

1. Play nice.
2. Come prepared.

For the entire team, we look forward to being with you for our next episode.

The Tennessee Progressive