Sunday, April 23, 2017

PPTS April 23, 2017 "How To Handle The Onslaught Of Change?"

"How Do You Handle The Onslaught Of Change?"

If you have not as yet had, or taken the time to listen to the first episode of the new season of the show, I do encourage you to do so.

In classes I teach, we always have a "Zero" Week. In that week, we try to lay out the land, so to speak of how the classes will operate, what students or participants should expect, what will be expected of them, a Syllabus, the Ground Rules and other administrivia.

But we also have something to learn. And so it is with the first episode of this new season as well. If you look at the episode title, and then listen to it, you will find some really good examples of what civil discourse between either agreeing or disagreeing parties to an issue sounds like. It's a "How To" episode that was intentionally so. It also featured a few really interesting callers with cogent thoughts and discussion to share with our audience.

In this episode, we will begin the journey through what I hope will be for the entirety of this season continually additive content both in the show and this blog, as well as other places. Which is the first of many answers to the question this episode asks: One piece at a time.

Different listeners will have different issues of first importance. Please remember this.

And, that is perfectly alright! Some will "let 'er rip" in our chat room. Some will seek communication with other listeners here as replies and/or comments to these posts. Some will feel the need or desire to speak with me, or perhaps with a special guest during our live show. Some will be invisible and unheard. Some will take notes while listening to the archived show later.

What this requires of the show team is that our advice be universally applicable to each of these and other opportunities. That is sometimes a tough nut to crack when you have listeners in virtually every time zone on the planet! Chat is not archived, so links or references, etc. cannot be saved (a value to and for our chat friends!) For instance:

This week will mark, among several things:

April 26th, 2017 is Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day around the world. From the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to villages, towns, communities, major urban centers, to entire nations, people will be engaged in a very difficult day. Inevitably, however, programs provide release, and end with not only hopeful vision, but something each one of us can actually DO about it. We'll talk about that on today's show. Here is a little moment I found compelling, from a few of the most incredible musical (and other) artists you are likely ever to find in one collaborative moment:

This coming week will see a few Special Elections in America. Are you prepared where you live?

France will have national elections. The UK has announced a "Snap" General Election on June 8th, 2017.

April 29th, 2017 will mark the 100th day of the Trump "administration". What are the accomplishments thus far of the 45th President of the United States of America? What are a few of the accomplishments of those who oppose him, his administration, and his policies? What do we know now that we (for whatever reasons) did not know before the election results and Electoral College results were known? What are the concerns of citizen, of the world in these days? Russia? North Korea? China? Shutdown of the US Government? Congressional concerns and Committee hearings? Taxes?

The Republican party is in free fall. The Democratic party is on a goodwill tour. Are we still a democracy? A nation? Does citizen still have a voice now, today?

These are but a few of the myriad changes occurring around us, moment by moment. A Tsunami of chaos, mayhem, and change assails our every sense. Climate change? Earth Day? Fukushima? Nuclear Armageddon? Living on the nuclear brink?

Scientists taking to the streets? Education, the Environment, our Supreme Court, our Military, our Justice Department? These and many more direct citizen concerns are on the table for our show today.

Regardless of the one or several of these (or others not mentioned...yet) which seem to be most important to you this week, I want each of us to know that there IS something YOU can do about it.

Over the next few episodes, we'll have some special guests that will try to help us dig down to bedrock, avoid the tempestuous weather on the surface, and make real decisions that could well change the forecasts for both the short and long term in the life of citizen, and for the better.

I hope you will join us on Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 2-4 PM (Central US) and become not just an aware citizen, but an empowered citizen.

We're on the air! I'll see YOU there! For the entire team,

The Tennessee Progressive

I was looking for a clip I saw on YouTube yesterday, but instead found the complete presentation by Rev. Dr. William Barber. It's just over one hour, and I know that can be a long time to dedicate to what is essentially a blog post. BUT!

If you will watch for 15 minutes, the hour will just FLY by! Watch, listen and find something YOU can do about it when Dr. Barber tells a community gathering at Riverside Church in New York City what to do